1. Do the most important thing FIRST
  2. Create the following folders in your email
    1. @Reference – things that you need at a later time for a specific future task
    2. @Action – an email related to something you need to get done
    3. Delete everything else
  3. Organize your workflow – capture, clarifying, organizing, reflecting, and engage
  4. Limit checking your social media and emails to twice a day
  5. Evaluate everything you have to do and decide if it benefits you.  If it doesn’t remove it
  6. Strive to be 15 minutes early
  7. Before working on anything else, knock out the most important thing.  You’ll feel less pressured throughout the day
  8. Make a list of the tasks you can do today, determine if you can/should delegate/outsource, do that, and replace it with someone else
  9. Buy a journal and dump all your ideas so you don’t have to carry that baggage
  10. Commitments to yourself are just as important as commitments to others



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