Two years ago, I made the decision to adopt a minimalist mindset and it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. The promise of freedom and peace of mind that attracted me to it and I couldn’t ever see myself ever turning down freedom.   So, two years ago I made the decision to try minimalism out for a year.  Two years later I don’t see myself turning back ever.  Here’s why:

Less Room for the Unimportant, More room for what’s Important

Less clutter means more space for the important things in life. Adopting this mindset doesn’t apply only to tangible items, but every area of your life.  As an example, ask yourself, “what are the things I should be removing from my diet?”  For me the answer was cutting out soda and fast food.  By doing that I know have the space to insert drink more water and more home-cooked meals.  (A great move both physically and financially.)

More Freedom

Think of clutter as an anchor tying you down. Anchors are only useful when you need to stop, not when you’re trying to get somewhere.  Dropping unnecessary weight and anchors will give you the freedom to do what you want without having to go through nonessential hurdles.

More Peace of Mind

Out of the three points mentioned, peace of mind is easily my favorite benefit. I can’t name too many things that feel better than the mental clarity you get from dumping your mind of unnecessary clutter. Personally, I tend to get weighed down by goals & projects I want to complete; but instead of writing them down and making a plan I tend to let them wander in my head with no clear direction.  If you’re like me, taking an afternoon to unload your mind will help you achieve a new level of clarity that you really can’t beat.


Make 2018 your year to clear out everything temporary and unnecessary.  I promise you won’t regret it.


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