I’m a firm believer that everyone desires to be great. I don’t believe that there isn’t one person on this earth that looks at their current state and every fully accepts where they are. While I do believe everyone desires to be great, not everyone will be great. Achieving great and amazing things will take tons of hard work. We’d like to imagine a world where success depends on that one “miracle moment.” However in reality, it’s founded on years of hard work. Day after day of continuous work, that leads up to one moment which opens up the doors to what you see now. If you’re anything like myself, it’s easy to get caught up in the really big moments and projects, and get turned off by the details. But since the little days lead to the big ones, lets focus on create the most amount of “perfect” days you can. Grab a sheet a paper or note taking app, create 4 sections and let’s get to work:

5 MITs (Most Important Tasks)

Start out by listing out the 5 most important tasks you have to do to get you closer to your goal. By having these tasks listed out for you in the morning, you should be ready to attack to them first thing in the morning. You may be surprised to know that having too much on your plate for one day can you make you oddly enough less effective. Setting a small attainable number of tasks figured and planned out will help you clear your mind and better prepare you for your day.

People To contact

For this next section, I want you to make a list of the people you need to text, call, connect, and email for the day. Of course these most likely won’t be the only people you connect with. The purpose of the section is to make sure that you connect with the people you need to that day. Don’t overlook this portion of your day. Working 25 hours a day won’t make a difference if you don’t have the network to elevate you.

Things To-Do

To me personally, there’s a difference between things to do and tasks to do. This varies from person to person. When you split up your life into the several areas it encompasses, there are certain things that you need to do habitually in order to maximize that area. For example, in order to succeed spiritually, you must keep up with your devotional time and studies. In order to succeed physically, you must work out regularly and watch your diet. So what are the things that you have to do today? Do you need to practice drums? Do you need workout? Do you need time to practice a new language? Prioritize it by putting it here.


Saving the best for last are appointments. Appointments can be dinner meetings with a business partner, a date with your partner, church, etc. Anything you have to be at, where you’re unable to do other work at, is an appointments. Appointments should set the foundation for your day, so you should be making it a priority to only accept appointments you need to accept.


After looking over this list, think about the different things on this list. Now think about tomorrow. How can you make tomorrow more effective? How can you make a tomorrow one of those days future you will thank you for? Start now by making planning your tomorrow, today.


6 thoughts on “How to Create the Perfect Day

  1. i like the idea of “MITs” vs. a to-do list. I agree that our daily to do’s should be smaller steps that get us closer to achieving one of our MITs. Writing everything down helps to not overbook, which is definitely a big factor in overwhelm. I think success is achieved every day that we are working on what we love, and have a sense of peace about our lives.

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