Apps are just about a way of life right now.  And just like a lot of things in life, we can either use them to our advantage of to our disadvantage.  Here are five of the apps that help peak my productivity all the time: 


I’ve been on the Evernote bandwagon as long as I can remember.  The interface it’s self is so easy to use, I promise you’ll be hooked the second you get it.  I’ve used both the standard Android and Apple note taking apps; they’re nice and all but they really don’t stand a chance against the power of Evernote.  In addition to being able to sync across both Android and Apple products products, you can take attach audio, pictures, set reminders, and even hand written notes.  I am also fond of the fact that it allows you to share notebooks with others.  Because I am always sharing ideas with the people that I am working with sharing notes is a big deal to me.  Evernote makes that easy.  It allows you to make public and private links for your sharing pleasure.  The best thing of all? That’s all free. There is a premium price that comes with even more features.  But the free version is doing me justice right now.


As a musician, I NEED MUSIC IN MY LIFE.  I love spiffy because they basically have everything I could want.  They just about any song you could possibly want, and they have the new releases as quick as you can get them. The regular subscription price is 9.99 a month but I’m currently taking advantage of the student discount rate of 4.99


The more projects you do, the more you’ll realize you can’t do by yourself.  Fiver has became my go-to place for just about …. Anything.  They really do just about anything you can imagine, for the low starting price of $5.  You need a flyer? They got it.  Need a video testimonial? They got it? You want a fresh & creative resume design? They got it. You have a track that you made you want mixed and mastered they got it.

Lynda ( App)

Here at the kaizen project, we are advocates for fine tuning your skills.  In order to make your mark on the world, you have to be good at something.  In the past year, I’ve taken the initiative to improve my skills win technology. offers courses in mobile app and web page development.   I’ve also been taking courses on software such as WordPress and Photoshop.  You never know when the information you learn will come in handy.  Investing in yourself is crucial; is definitely the way to go. 


Trellis is the ultimate project management app.  The layout of the app makes it easy to plan out the next big thing.  I’m a very visual person, so I love how with the app you can break down the big ideas into small ones, into different categories, into a to-do list, and you can also set reminders.   It’s great for group collaboration as well, you can link your project with different people and like Evernote you can easily share it with anyone!


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