Everyone of us has heard at one point or another to “watch who you surround yourself with”.  However, if you’re like myself, you never really paid much attention to it because the people you were with were cool people, and knew how to have a good time.  So why not surround yourself with them right?  Surrounding yourself with people who want to better you isn’t only beneficial, but crucial to your success.  While the quality of people you choose is certainly important, the type of people you choose is equally important.  Rarely, will you find an “all-in-one bestie” that can do it and be it all whenever you need them to be.  Nobody is perfect. Always be mindful of that.  So who are the “necessaries” who should be in your entourage? Let me walk you through it.

Loyal Best Friend

The loyal best friend is the one who allows you to really be yourself.  You don’t have to hide anything, you can open up to them, they’re non-judgmental and they’re usually the ones that are still there when everyone leaves.  If you have more than 2 of these you’re blessed.

The Fearless Adventurer

This person pulls you out of your comfort zone on the regular.  As future leaders, we have to learn quickly that the solutions to all of our problems are usually outside of what we know or are accustomed to.  I personally think that a lot of people lack someone like this; find them quick!

The Brutally Honest Friend

Not too many have someone like this in their life because the culture today tells us that, if someone goes against you and tells you that you’re “wrong” or “no”, they are a hater by definition.  The problem with this is that a lot of times we NEED that. The person that is willing to tell you no or push you in another direction in order to see your succeed is priceless.

The Mentor

This is one of the most crucial aspects of your circle.  In order to learn, you have to do one of two things: learn the hard way, or learn from others that learned the hard way.  Having someone that passionate about seeing your plans come into fruition is must.  If you don’t already have a mentor, get one.  You will never regret it.

The Challenger/Rival

Always have someone that will challenge you to do your best.  If you’re working to be something or working on something, a true friend wouldn’t distract you rather than helping you.  You might not like it at first, and it may annoy you at times but results are results.  You’ll be thanking them for all of it later.

The Informant

The informant keeps you aware of everything going on.  The most important tip I can give about them is to have MANY of them. You need at least one or two for every aspect of your life.  They are your information sources; never neglect these people!!

The Role Model

Ahhhh.. the role model.The role model is the person you look up to.   No matter what you want to do, or what you want to accomplish there is a someone who has done it before, find that person, and learn from them.  Be mindful of who you follow, and how far you want to follow.. All that glitters isn’t gold..

It wise to keep your circle tight, but make sure it is big enough to fit these people into it.  The problem usually is not in the quantity it’s in the quality.  Do you have all of these people in your circle? If not, I would highly suggest you do so. Keep adjusting your circle until you are well rounded!


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