I think a visionary is one of the most mid understood occupations in the world today.  Anyone can be one, but not everyone can do it well.  Webster defines a visionary as “a person with original ideas about what the future will or could be like”.  A visionary can also be used as an adjective where it would mean, “thinking about or planning the future with imagination or wisdom.”  Again, by that definition anyone and everyone is a visionary.  But a true visionary doesn’t live his life by just thinking about the future, but by also taking the actions to change it for the better.  As one of my brothers once said, “There’s no use in being woke if you’re the only one that benefits from it.”  While you may have your great ideas, concepts, and ideologies; it’s all useless if you don’t actually do anything with.

There are three parts to every vision:The vision, communication, and execution.  The vision part is self-explanatory.  I really wanted to focus in on the second two parts   A visionary not only sees the future, they make others see it as well, and with the help of others they make it come to life.

Look no further than Martin Luther King’s “I have a dream speech” to how much a well-communicated speech can move people to make change happen.  Prior to that day, there wasn’t one person know exactly what King’s picture for the future was.  However, after the fact it was clear as day to the 250,000 civil rights supporters that attended that day.  King was able to get his vision across to the supporters because he was able to do the five things you need to communicate as powerful as possible:

  1. Inspire
  2. Challenge
  3. Make it Clear
  4. Make it Task Specific
  5. Make it We Focused

When people understand your vision, they become inspired to do whatever it takes no matter whatever the challenge is.  By making it clear and making people feel involved; they go from hearing about it to becoming a part of it.  As Eddie Connor Jr. says, “Get to know people that are pro your vision because they will ensure your “provision”.

A vision & execution go hand in hand.  They stand together well alone, but when combined their effectiveness multiples.  Strategic execution is having everyone in your organization internalize your strategy in their daily thinking, actions and behaviors.  Think about the most influential people in history.  Their true power didn’t lie in what they themselves were able to accomplish, but with they were able to accomplish collectively with other people. As a visionary you must continue to remain focused.  Check out my blog post on how to improve your focus by clicking here to remain.  Once you have the vision and you have your team, it’s time to work!


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