Happy New Year Family! I pray you all are as excited for the new year as I am.  2017 is going to be great year I can feel it.

With the new year coming in, you’ve most likely heard the saying “New Year, New Me”.  With the passing of the 2016, most of us want to look past it and start with a clean slate.  So with that being said, who is the “new you”?  While we do want to move past 2016, we forget to define what we want to be in 2017.  To put you on the right track, I wanted to discuss the concept of branding for a moment.

What is A Brand?  A Brand is a definition of who you are, through the eyes of others.  When you think about Nordstrom, what comes to mind?  When you think of Donald Trump, what comes to mind?  When you think about Apple, what comes to mind.  These experiences, feelings, and opinions you have about what I just named comes together to form a brand. Always remember, first impressions really do matter, but most of the time our brands are actually the ones that do the talking for us; and without the proper brand management theres a good chance your first impression wont be the best one.

If know anything about branding, you’ll most likely hear this word associated with companies such as Apple.  Right now, they have the most valuable brand, which in dollar terms comes out to about 154 billion dollars.  That have 154 billion dollars basically because they make their customers feel good about their products.  I don’t think this really merits any proof, just check out the thousands of people who line up waiting for the iPhone when it’s released.  How many times have you ever heard someone say “I would buy _____ cause it’s apple” or “Apple made _____ so it must be the legit”.

A brand is simply a promise that make you to anyone that would want something from you.  So for the year of 2017 what will be your brand?  Instead of just hoping 2017 is good year, let’s make it a good one.


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