Being the “thinking soul” that I am, I love to create and innovate all the time and I’ve found that making lists is the perfect way of making sure that I keep track with all of those ideas.  You can literally make a list for just about anything, but I want to make a list (see what I did there) of things that I think you need to really need to make sure you get down as soon as possible.  Make sure you get an app like Evernote or your standard note taking app or even a regular notebook and starting listing now.

Products/Idea that you want to build eventually

What’s that idea you’ve dreaming about?

Talent to keep my eyes on

Who’s caught your eye lately? Who’s someone you could see yourself working with?

Things to Learn

What’s something you’re interested in learning?

Books to Read

List some books that you’re interested in reading.

Future Business Ideas

What’s that business idea that you keep daydreaming about?

Pending Conversation Agendas

Do you have any important talks or meetings coming up? Create an agenda to be prepared

Short-Term Product Tasks

Once you decide to start working on an idea, what are some things you can do now to improve it?

Long-Term CEO Projects

What are some long term projects that will help move your business forward in the long run?

Short-Term CEO Projects

What are short term projects that will help move your business forward in the long run?

People to “Update”

Who are the people I need to keep in the loop?

CEO Friends

Doesn’t necessarily have to be CEOs.  But who are the people tyou knowing performing at the highest level in their given industry?

Potential Partners

Who are people that you want to work with eventually?

Existing Partners

Who are the people that you’re working with now?


Are there any other lists that I’m missing? Comment and share your list ideas below.


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