Delivering when it matters is essential to taking yourself to the next level.  All the development, the practice, and exercises mean nothing if you can’t deliver when you have to.  Of course, this is a lot harder than it sounds.  There will be times when you short.   There are somepeople who can boast a reputation of making the mark most of the time, there aren’t too many people who make the mark all of the time. In order to improve your percentage in the clutch, you just have to improve your focus.  I truly believe that if you lock yourself 100% to the task at hand, then your chances for missing the mark are slim to none.  Honestly, sometimes it’s all about forgetting about that really really really really really really big circle, and making your mind only see the small bullseye.

As an NBA superstar in the making, I’m all about improving my game.  (I’m still waiting on my call from the Knicks)  You don’t need to be on my magnitude of basketball prowess to know however to know that the most “clutchest” moments are the big threes or fadeaway jumper as many would assume.  It’s the free throws.  Why you ask? Simply because while those shots are great and hard to make, free throws are easy and simple.  The perceived ease is what makes them so difficult.  With the big “three pointer with two defenders in his face with his eyes closed” shot, you could miss and everyone would be like “that was a tough shot, he had to do what he had to do though”.  When you miss your free throws that’s when everyone will start questioning if you really think ball is life.

Here’s what I’ve learned about hitting free throws that I’m confident you can take and apply:


Breathing helps you regain composure , it helps you stay solid.  You find that breathing 2-3 times before getting the job helps you the job done.  I don’t know the science behind it, but it sure does work.  If you need some extra fire power, pray.   God will give you peace when you need it the most.  He’s what you call a clutch guru.

Don’t focus to much on the technical. Flow!

When it comes time to deliver you can’t be focusing on what you practiced, you have to focusing on flowing. Practicing is when you focus on the technical stuff, that puts your body and mind in a position to produce at will.  Focusing on technical instead of letting your mind reproduce what you’ve already spent time practicing is usually a sure fire recipe for disaster.

Stay focused on the task at hand

If you’ve ever watched a big game that was decided by free throws, you’ll see that if the player isn’t playing at home they’ll do everything in their power to get him out of his rhythm.  They throw up signs, they yell, they talk trash, they boo, they do that clap thing with the clappers because they know that if the player shooting does so much as glance over for a second it’s game over.  That’s why it’s important to focus solely on the task at hand, never give distractions any room in your head to sit down and get cozy.


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