I took the time this week to re-read a classic by David Deida and really thought I should share it. If you haven’t heard of or read this book then you should really consider doing it.  The author addresses a good amount of topics, but pretty much focuses on a man and his personal life & his relationships. I took some of the most important points (to me) out of the book and listed them here, however, I would really encourage to take a look at it if you can.

When discussing something with your girlfriend/wife stay firm in what you what you believe

Don’t change your mind based on your girlfriend/spouse.  Take what she says into account and make a decision based off of that, but don’t let her make all of the decisions.  The consequences of those decisions will be on you regardless of what you choose in the long-run.  Women desire someone that can make decisions.


Women are attracted to a man that walks in his purpose.  Don’t sacrifice working on your purpose for your girlfriend/spouse or you will lose the one thing that made her attractive to you in the first place.

Never forget your bros

Have a talk with some of your guys once in a while (the book says once a week) about what you’re doing in your life and what you want to, but are afraid of doing.

What do women want?

You girlfriend/spouse doesn’t want to think that you NEED her.  You should be able to handle yourself.  No matter how much she test you, no matter how much she scares you, or no matter how much she tries to move you.  If she tests you and you fail, she will consider you to be weak, which leads to her trusting you less.

Why doesn’t she ever know what she wants to eat?

A girl is rarely ever talking about the topic at hand.  She’s just addressing her current feelings.  If she doesn’t know what she wants, she really doesn’t know.  She just knows what she feels at that actual moment, which could change the very next second.

Focus on the Love

One thing people tend to do in a relationship is tolerate someone.  Tolerating someone always leads to resentment.  Just continue to love one another and and she will open up back up to you.

You always start at Zero

Don’t think your excellent track record will work when she’s upset.  What matters now, is the situation at hand.  Just restore love and happiness into the situation.

Focus on the Love Pt. 2

Hang this one up on your wall or something: Whenever she is in a bad mood, just make the assumption she is not loved.

It’s all on you bro

A girl’s greatest desire in a relationship to feel as though she always being led.  She wants you to be able to do it without her asking or having to figure it out.  Anytime you talk to her and expect her to analyze her mood and situation to the point of being able to fix it, you’re talking to her like one of the guys.  She can do it, but if she’s upset it’s probably not the best way to go about fixing it.

Which one of these do you think you could see yourself putting into practice first?  Let me know in the comments below.


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