While I don’t believe I’m qualified to tell you what you should have on you at all times or something, there are things I know you should have on you at all times. This isn’t because these are signature pieces that you have to make your stand out or whatever, but they help you accomplish things every day that help you achieve your goals and fit with the Kaizen Mantra. Here are the five things you should have on you at all times.


I put this first because I think this is common sense. You literally need your wallet for everything. Most of your key cards should be in your wallet. Driver’s license, Debit Cards, Credit Cards, Insurance Cards, pictures, business cards, and the list goes on. Please don’t walk around with a brick in your pocket, if it starts to get bulky take some time out to purge it of the things you don’t really need.


Out of everything on this list, this might be the hardest to adopt. Most guys I know aren’t really accepting of the journal idea because when they think journal they think diary. A journal is a great way to get your thoughts out of your brain and get them somewhere where you can really get them down. How many times did you think of an awesome idea and then hate yourself later for not writing it down after you forgot it 10 minutes later? To me a journal has 2 main purposes. Writing down and reflecting all the awesome thoughts and experiences throughout the day and they give you a way to measure your growth throughout the years. Think of it like social media but without the risk of someone seeing all the childish things you posted from 5 years ago.


Now phones are tablets are a touchy subject. While they are EXTREMELY useful when used correctly, they can be EXTREMELY counterproductive when used for the wrong reason. But I’m here to talk about what you should have in your pocket… so we’ll discuss the positives here. A phone/tablet is good to have at all times because they keep you connected (its main purpose), but because of all the apps available to us they become an “all in one” solution. Many of the options I have on this list can be covered using a phone/tablet. Whether you get one or the other is absolutely dependent on personal preference. Many people I know to keep themselves focused use they prefer to keep a phone simply for communication and the tablet for everything else. Just something to think about.

To-Do List/Productivity

We cover productivity on this blog a lot; and for a very good reason too. A man should always be doing something. There’s no way that a man should remain comfortable and doing absolutely nothing. Unless you’re taking the time to relax from working that hard. For this reason, a man should always have his To-do list ready and accessible to reference whenever he needs to figure out “what’s next?” Whether you keep this in your journal or you keep it in your phone on app, always have it ready to add and subtract the tasks that will push you closer to reaching your goals/dreams.


Music is a window to the soul and books are a window to the souls of others. As a musicians I consider it to be my civic duty to always divulge in some new music as much as I can. I personally recommend Spotify, I’ve been satisfied with them for as long as they’ve been around. I love them because you not get access to the music that you love, but it’s great for introducing you to great music that you don’t know of yet. As for books, I believe everyman should have a good book (or at the minimum a blog/news source) ready to go whenever you have some down time or you just feel like absorbing some knowledgeable. I have these two together because while you can carry an actual book or have an iPod, or a Walkman if you into the whole vintage thing; it’s easier to download the apps on your phone or tablet.


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