Leadership is one of the vaguest terms out there in the world today.  The simple definition of leadership is constantly being debated everyday.  While I don’t have a definition of what   it is, I think John Maxwell might.  Maxwell wrote the book “The 5 Levels of Leadership” which is now considered a classic in the business world. Instead of defining it as one solid thing, he divides it into levels and gives his definition that way.  There so much information in this one book, but I gave 5 points out of each level that stuck out the most to me.  Hopefully, you get something beneficial out it.

Level One: Position – Because They Have To

  • Your leadership will have to be earned not everyone will respect you coming in
  • Don’t depend on your position to be influential
  • Live out your values
  • Forget your title and position and just focus on your potential
  • Understand that leaderships develops daily, not in one day

Level Two: Permission – Because They Want To

  • The shift here shifts from “me” to “we”
  • Focus on the value of everyone on your team
  • Become the CEO.  Chief Encouragement Officer.
  • Continue to develop your trust with the people that follow you
  • Give your people your undivided attention

Level Three: Production – Because of What You Have Done

  • Production is essential.  No one wants to leave a team that’s winning
  • Be willing to be a change agent
  • Invest in people that work in the company
  • Results matter
  • Production won’t always be enough to get you to the next level. But developing other leaders will

Level Four: People Development – Because of What You Have Done For Them

  • In order to expand your potential, train leaders
  • The highest goal of a leadership culture is to define it, teach it, practice it, coach it, and reward
  • Empower your people
  • Understand that allowing your people to do the work themselves gives you time to more on the business instead of in it
  • Don’t forget to continue to grow yourself

Level Five: Pinnacle – Because of Who You Are

  • Develop the desire to see others succeed
  • Never stop growing.  Never think you’ve arrived.
  • Make room for others at the top
  • Understand the power of impact.  It will take a level 3 leader to develop a level 4 leader.
  • Leave a positive legacy.


What level of leadership do you consider yourself to be on? What kind of action steps are you going to take to get to the next level? Leave a comment below and discuss.


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